Smart Fusion

Dive into the innovative world of support-free additive manufacturing and learn how to design parts that require little to zero support structures.

Online & self study: 3 hours
EOS Certificate

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This online course will provide participants with a comprehensive overview of the Smart Fusion feature. Smart Fusion is a process control solution that leverages first-of-its-kind, real-time intelligent heat management and thus reducing or eliminating support structures and performing 2x-5x faster than other technologies.

After course completion, participants will be able to develop applications as well as SMART Fusion parameters for specific materials (independent of the final application).

      After completing Smart Fusion Advance Training, Participants should be able

    • describe the basic principles of OT and the basic principles of SMART Fusion;
    • understand how it enables support-free building and thermal management;
    • describe and execute the target grey value (GV) determination method;
    • apply validation methodology for mechanical properties determination;
    • describe the application-specific design & process guidelines;
    • create a roadmap for developing your own applications.
    • EOSPRINT 2.x understanding
    • EOSTATE OT Basic Training
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