AM Data Preparation Polymer

Data Preparation Specialist


Specialise in data preparation and optimise the quality and efficiency of the entire production process.

In Additive Manufacturing (AM), every aspect of the process chain matters. Data preparation is one of the most important parts of this process and can make or break the end result. Understanding how data preparation will determine the quality and efficiency of production.

Our additive manufacturing courses will teach you how to implement best practices in data preparation for polymer, to improve the overall production process and advance your career in the field.


Your training will be completed in four phases: 

Phase 1: An introduction to additive manufacturing and EOS systems and software, peer reviews and portfolio scoring. 

Phase 2: A deeper exploration of software, polymer selection and online discussion seminar. 

Phase 3: Mastering data preparation software and get used to expert functions, case studies, practical exercises, exam preparation and Q&A sessions. 

Phase 4: Theory examination, practical examination, certification and live event. 

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    Review the phases of the Learning Path below. Some of the modules are available to purchase separately, click on “Buy Module” for more information.

    Phase 1 - EOS Technology – Introduction

    Phase 2 - Build Up Your Know-How

    Phase 3 - Apply Your Knowledge

    Phase 4 - Demonstrate What You Have Learned

    • Quick & efficient data preparation for polymer 3D printing
    • Recognizing the main challenges of applications
    • Understand teperature settings and optimal orientation
    • Using software to make the impossible possible
    EOS Customer?

    • EOS Base
    • RP Tools 6
    • RP Tools 6.1
    • RP Tool Boost
    • PSW 3.x Offline
    • Material Set: P 110, PA 2200, 100 µm
    • Material Set: P 396, PA 2200, 120 µm
    • Materialise Magics 24.1

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    All Webinars start in May 2021:

    Exposure Parameter:

    1st full week of the month a
    9 am – 1 pm CST, Monday, Tuesday

    Data Preparation Advanced II:

    3d week of the month a
    9 am – 1 pm CST, Monday, Tuesday

    Learning Path Highlights

    • Reduce training time
    • Reduce build job termination of poorly prepared jobs
    • Better nesting and lower cost per part
    • Faster job preparation

    Online & self study
    Ideal: ~ 1 – 1,5 months

    EOS Certificate

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