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Showing 1 - 24 of 41 products
EOS M 290 Training APP with AREOS M 290 Training APP with AR
Additive Minds EOS M 290 Training APP with AR

Familiarize yourself with the main components and interact with the real-size model of the EOS M 290

Voucher to uplock mobile app - Permium | 6 months access | English

DyeMansion – Industrial Post-ProcessingDyeMansion – Industrial Post-Processing
On Sale
Additive Minds DyeMansion – Industrial Post-Processing

Transform your production and your products with industrial post-processing and dive into the DyeMansion Print-to-Product Workflow.

Online | 3 hrs | English | Intermediate

ASTM PBF-LB Machine Operator Certification
Additive Minds ASTM PBF-LB Machine Operator Certification

Get certified in compliance with the safety and quality operating requirements based on ISO/ASTM 52942:2020. For machine operators that run EOS M290

Certification Program | Hybrid | 1 day | English

AM Starter Program
Additive Minds AM Starter Program

Evaluate your product portfolio, develop your own design study for AM and a business case

AM Application Development Program 
Additive Minds AM Application Development Program 

Redesign your application, develop custom process parameters and materials or simply improve your part properties based on orientation and support strategy

AM Production Program
Additive Minds AM Production Program

Set up a successful additive manufacturing production and/or scale existing AM facilities to improve scalability and efficiency

AM Custom Program
Additive Minds AM Custom Program

Create a customized program, tailored specifically to your project and needs

Responsible Manufacturing Program
Additive Minds Responsible Manufacturing Program

Evaluate the sustainability potential of your AM parts and production

AM Application Engineering PolymerAM Application Engineering Polymer
Additive Minds AM Application Engineering Polymer

Master EOS systems and software and guide stakeholders to choose high quality part parameters for each and every case

Learning Path | Hybrid | 4-6 weeks | English

Post Processing Overview PolymerPost Processing Overview Polymer
Additive Minds Post Processing Overview Polymer

In this module you learn different methods and technology to postprocess polymer AM parts

Online | 3 hrs | English | Intermediate

Cost per Part for Additive ManufacturingCost per Part for Additive Manufacturing
Additive Minds Cost per Part for Additive Manufacturing

Identify and understand the key benefits of Additive Manufacturing

New business models with Additive Manufacturing

Discussion of best-in-class industry case studies

Web App | English | Beginner

EOSPRINT 2 (P 500) IntroductionEOSPRINT 2 (P 500) Introduction
Additive Minds EOSPRINT 2 (P 500) Introduction

This additive manufacturing module will teach you how to run all workflow steps in EOSPRINT 2

Online | 1 hr | English | Beginner

Reference Point Calibration on EOS M 290Reference Point Calibration on EOS M 290
Additive Minds Reference Point Calibration on EOS M 290

Learn to build hybrid parts and enable absolute positioning of parts

Online | 1.5 hrs | English | Intermediate

Additive Manufacturing for ToolingAdditive Manufacturing for Tooling
Additive Minds Additive Manufacturing for Tooling

Gather AM technology knowledge for tooling applications

Online | 4 hrs | English | Beginner

Post Processing & Surface Finish - MetalPost Processing & Surface Finish - Metal
Additive Minds Post Processing & Surface Finish - Metal

Receive training on post-processing surface finishes including powder removal

Online | 1 hr | English | Intermediate

Adv. Parameter Editing Metal - EdgesAdv. Parameter Editing Metal - Edges
Additive Minds Adv. Parameter Editing Metal - Edges

Gain the knowledge you need to build extreme filigree parts with metal materials

Online | 2 hrs | English | Advanced

AM Basic Data RepairAM Basic Data Repair
Additive Minds AM Basic Data Repair

Get tips how to reduce build failures and how to achieve highest quality of parts. Gain deeper insights into Magics software functions

Online | 1 hr | English | Intermediate

Support-free Additive Manufacturing MetalSupport-free Additive Manufacturing Metal
Additive Minds Support-free Additive Manufacturing Metal

Comprehensive overview of support-free additive manufacturing for metal to help you reduce costs, save time and drive innovation across the process chain.

Online | 8 hrs | English | Advanced

Support & OrientationSupport & Orientation
Additive Minds Support & Orientation

Learn how to identify the best supports and part orientation for AM

Online | 6 hrs | English | Intermediate

Identifying AM ApplicationsIdentifying AM Applications
Additive Minds Identifying AM Applications

Find the right AM application for your organization, reduce the time required to bring your additive manufacturing application to market and reduce cost per part for the identified applications

Online | 6 hrs | English | Beginner

Parameter Editor Metal for EOSPRINT 2.xParameter Editor Metal for EOSPRINT 2.x
Additive Minds Parameter Editor Metal for EOSPRINT 2.x

Understand the usage of the Parameter Editor for EOSPRI7 NT 2 Software Suite

Online & Video | 6 hrs | English | Intermediate

EOSPRINT 2 (M) IntroductionEOSPRINT 2 (M) Introduction
Additive Minds EOSPRINT 2 (M) Introduction

Learn to prepare jobs in EOSPRINT 2 Software Suite, understand the most important updates and the basics about fine tuning

Online | 1 hr | English | Beginner

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