AM Application Engineering Polymer

AM Application Engineering


Master EOS systems and software and guide stakeholders to choose high quality part parameters for each and every case.

Additive manufacturing (AM) may look simple, but the process chain requires a significant depth of technical knowledge and clear communication between parties to ensure consistent high quality from start to finish.  

An Application Specialist must understand how to operate EOS systems and software. The learner must be ready to discuss each case with clients and stakeholders to ensure the success of every aspect of the process chain. 

EOS additive manufacturing courses will provide you with the training required to understand and command the nuances of data preparation, part parameters and finishing, plus how to communicate this to everyone involved, giving you vital skills to further your career in additive manufacturing.


This course is split into four phases: 

Phase 1: Receive an introduction to EOS systems and software. Gain an in-depth understanding of specific industries and their typical applications and learn how to calculate your business case. 

Phase 2: Delve into the world of materials and post processing. Deepen your knowledge of Dye Mansion post processing opportunities and improve your AM design skills. 

Phase 3: Master common challenges in temperature setting, optimizing process parameters, meeting customer quality standards, and become an expert in systematic troubleshooting.

Phase 4: Pass your final examination, receive your certification and participate in a farewell event.


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      Review the phases of the Learning Path below. Some of the modules are available to purchase separately, click on “Buy Module” for more information. 

      Phase 1 - Start your Application Engineering career

      Phase 2 - Build Up Your Know-How

      Phase 3 - Deepen Your Knowledge

      Phase 4 - Demonstrate What You Have Learned

      When you join one of Additive Minds Academy's online classes, you are signing up to study with the best.

      EOS is a global giant in the world of industrial 3D printing technology and is recognised for supplying leading brands including Audi, Boeing and Siemens Mobile.

      What you get is three decades of innovation, research and technical knowledge combined into straightforward yet comprehensive and flexible online classes.

      You also get the satisfaction that you are part of the solution of eco-conscious manufacturing. With Additive Minds Academy, you can rest assured that the training you will receive is of the highest quality and relevance to a bright future in additive manufacturing.

      Why not start now?

      Video learning
      Whether you are a visual or audio learner, our additive manufacturing modules will provide for you with a range of written, video and webinar based formats.
      Our flexible online classes allow you to study remotely at the times which suit you, for as long as you need, giving you freedom to learn on the go and at your own pace.
      Practical learning
      To really understand the relevant methodologies and software, practical experience is necessary and our 3D printing modules offer a variety of practical tasks, exercises and hands-on tools.
      Shared learning
      Connecting with tutors and other students in peer reviews, Q&A sessions and discussion groups will encourage valuable feedback and growth.
      Case studies
      A range of real world case studies will prepare you for work outside the classroom and portfolio reviews will ensure you are confident and ready for the job.
      Qualification with EOS as an Application Specialist will open doors for you to progress your career in additive manufacturing.

      Do you seek profound knowledge around EOS Polymer applications and the way forward with your system?

      Do you have professional knowledge of AM and data preparation?


      Then this course fits your needs and will equip you with relevant knowledge to push forward.

      When you join our additive manufacturing courses to become an EOS Certified Application Engineering Expert, you step into one of the most exciting industries in the world.

      Do you have an EOS Polymer System?

      If yes, make sure that you have access to “Parameter Editor” to take advantage of the full scope of “Optimization of Process Parameters”.

      In case you do not have an EOS Polymer System we will provide all necessary licenses for the Learning Path such as the newest version of PSW, EOSPrint, RP Tools, and access to Parameter Editor

      Are you a New Customer? 

      Not to worry, we will ensure you have access to the tools you need for the course. 

      Completing this learning path requires you to join us online for a series of expert sessions. These will take place next at the following times

      Cost Calculation:

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      Optimization of Process Parameter:

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      Learning Path Highlights

      Realise your full potential with our Learning Path and become a certified EOS AM Application Specialist in Polymer


      • Design your customer application using the additive manufacturing potentials
      • Develop process parameters for your production
      • Understand quality measurements for Additive Manufacturing processes
      • Master the AM process from part design towards post-processing
      • Learn from experts how to set up the best process temperature and how to troubleshoot your process parameter for best quality and performance
      • Tech Talk "build extreme parts" with Andrea Weichselbaumer (23 years of experience with additive manufactruring)
      E-Learning, Video & Remote Classes
      Ideal: 4 - 6 weeks
      AM Academy Certificate
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