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Data Preparation Specialist


Specialise in data preparation and optimise the quality and efficiency of the entire production process.

In Additive Manufacturing (AM), every aspect of the process chain matters. Data preparation is one of the most important parts of this process and can make or break the end result. Understanding data preparation will determine the quality and efficiency of production.

Our additive manufacturing courses will teach you how to implement best practices in data preparation for metal, to improve the overall production process and advance your career in the field.


Your training is split into four phases: 

Phase 1: An introduction to additive manufacturing and EOS systems and software, peer reviews and portfolio scoring. 

Phase 2: A deeper exploration of software, metal selection and online discussion seminar. 

Phase 3Mastering support and orientation, case studies, practical exercises, exam preparation and Q&A sessions. 

Phase 4: Theory examination, practical examination, certification and live event. 


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Review the phases of the Learning Path below. Some of the modules are available to purchase separately, click on “Buy Module” for more information.

Phase 1 - EOS Technology – Introduction

Phase 2 - Build Up Your Know-How

Phase 3 - Apply Your Knowledge

Phase 4 - Demonstrate What You Have Learned

What if you could optimise job preparation and prevent failed builds for your company, asserting yourself as a vital member of the team and advancing your career in additive manufacturing?

Develop your skillset in one of the world's most exciting and innovative industries as a data preparation specialist with our dedicated 3D printing modules.

  • Gain a thorough understanding of Metal 3D printing and DMLS (Direct metal laser sintering). Learn about the process and its advantages in a variety of manufacturing industries.
  • Understand EOS Metal machines and how to operate them. You will receive instruction on settings and safety procedures specific to the EOS M290 and other popular machine types.
  • Apply data preparation theory to real cases and see how each aspect of your role contributes to the end result. Learn from practical examples to avoid common mistakes later on and gain vital experience whilst studying.
  • Leverage existing nesting strategies and software to innovate and improve, helping shorten job preparation timelines, reduce cost-per-part and make the impossible possible.
  • Become accustomed with Materialise Magics software and learn how to use it to perform a range of repairs such as holes, remeshing and smoothing. 
  • Explore advance software options like part offset, labelling and hollow parts and learn about auto placement, orientating parts and the special options available for generating high quality supports.
  • Understand the different types of support structures and how to use them. What makes a support structure successful exactly and how can a well-designed support contribute to quality and cost-per-part? In these additive manufacturing online classes you will receive in-depth instruction on the link between orientation and process part quality.
  • Study the characteristics of the different metals used in DMLS and learn how to choose the most appropriate metal for the job. Every metal has a different set of properties which affect the way it performs under heat. In this additive manufacturing module, you will learn how to read material data sheets and how these instruct the choice of metal for each job. 
  • Discover advanced topics like part placement, part positioning, gas flow and monitoring solutions to ensure you are proficient in producing high quality parts.
  • Explore the EOS specific systems and learn how they function, receiving instruction on system components like recoater, build plate and laser system.
  • Determine which application parts are a viable commercial option and assess their value by following easy and flexible methodology. After completing this 3D printing online class, you will feel confident selecting parts that have high potential for technical and economic success and will apply this methodology to your own portfolio. Feedback exchange and discussion with colleagues will help to strengthen this knowledge, preparing you for a bright future in profitable part screening and selection.
  • Receive in-depth training on EOS specific software solutions. EOS uses Magics software by Materialise to perform data and build preparation such as generating support structures and editing design flaws. Learn how this system works within theory and practical modules, working on real world examples to help you integrate understanding of the main functions of Magics and part consolidation. 
  • Learn how to use EOSPRINT 2 to assign part parameters on EOS additive manufacturing machines. This module demonstrates the main functions and how proper use of this software enhances build speed, surface quality and process efficiency when used alongside Materalise Magics for industrial 3D printing.
  • Familiarise yourself with standardisation in Additive Manufacturing. Ensure that EOS processes are understood and followed carefully to create high quality cases.
  • Understand the definition of quality within the 3D printing industry and learn about the Ishikawa model to minimise quality control issues and ensure consistent results from start to finish.
Visual learning
Engage in a variety of written, video and Webinar-based modules to support your individual learning style.
Flexible online classes
Learn at your own pace and access modules on the go with our self-study online classes.
Hands on learning 
Gain vital experience of methodologies and processes while working on practical tasks, exercises and tools.
Receive valuable feedback from tutors and other learners in peer reviews, Q&A sessions and discussion groups.
Real world experience
Explore and assess real world projects with case studies and portfolio examples.
Gain certification with EOS as a Data Preparation Specialist and advance your career in 3D printing.
Become a certified Data Preparation Specialist and develop your career in one of the world's most exciting production technologies.

These additive manufacturing courses are for ambitious and innovative professionals from a variety of industries that utilise additive manufacturing.

Over the years we have taught students from a variety of backgrounds, including: 

Production and manufacturing, construction, automotive, aerospace, defence, oil and gas, logistics, medical and dental, consumer goods, electronics and information technology.

The additive manufacturing courses are useful for everyone from directors to the sales team, product managers and application specialists to designers, engineers and machine operators alike.

After completing all modules in our 3D printing courses, you will be qualified to apply your knowledge in your existing additive manufacturing job, or to niche down into a data preparation specific role.

If your company is yet to benefit from the transformative power of additive manufacturing, these modules will help you to demonstrate the advantages within your discipline.

The Additive Minds Academy learning paths contain some of the most comprehensive and accessible additive manufacturing courses available.

EOS is the world's leading specialist in industrial 3D printing technology, supplying global giants like Boeing, Audi and Siemens Mobile with innovative EOS 3D printers, parts, materials, consulting and training. 

With more than three decades at the forefront of additive manufacturing, Additive Minds Academy consolidates the pioneering knowledge, research and technology of EOS into easy-access and interactive modules to preserve the future of the industry.

Why not learn from the best?

Are you an EOS Customer already?

Then you ensure you have access to these softwares to get the most out of this course:

  • EOSPRINT 2.x
  • Materialise Magics 24.1

Are you a New Customer? 

Not to worry, we will ensure you have access to the tools you need for the course. 

Completing this learning path requires you to join us online for a series of webinars. These will take place next at the following times

Data Preparation Basics:

  • 17th - 18th May 2022

Support and Orientation Advanced:

  • w/c 1st June 2022

Learning Path Highlights

Realise your full potential with our Learning Path and become an AM Academy certified "Data Preparation Specialist" for Metal Applications.


  • become an expert in only six weeks
  • get ready for your next job opportunity or take the next step in your career within your company
  • learn with a community and exchange ideas with real AM experts online 
  • your build jobs will become safer, faster and more stable in the future
  • obtain a recognized certificate
E-Learning, Video & Remote Classes
Ideal: 4 - 6 weeks
AM Academy Certificate
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What our customers say:

Metal 3D printing is quite difficult when you start from scratch. With this training, however, all be existing know-how becomes easily available within a short period of time.

Jayesh Gadhave

Printing with metal is fascinating and the course opened up a new world for me. The learning journey was amazing, I could use the software at home and was able to design supports.

Valentin Ameres