Design Rules for Micro Laser Sintering (MLS)

Target Group: Mechanical Product Designer

This course consists of the following lessons:
1. Complete process overview from CAD to part
2. Technology basics
3. Features design guidelines
4. Design lesson from idea to CAD file
5. Q&A session with an experienced designer

Online & self study: 3 hours
EOS Certificate

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This course helps mechanical designers to understand how to use the advantages of Micro Laser Sintering to design unique products with maximized value add and minimized costs. Take advantage of discussing pros and cons of different solutions. See tips and tricks of experienced colleagues.


    Learning Objective



    You will understand advantages and limitations of Micro Laser Sintering.

    We will have a look at the complete process from CAD to the manufactured part. You will learn about data formats and their impact on part costs and quality.

    The technology basics prepare the ground to understand the reasons for potentials and limits of Micro Laser Sintering.

    Download your copy of the Feature Design Guidelines for MLS. It helps you to adhere to technology limits and gives advice on how to position features.


    The main lesson

    The Design Lesson brings together your design experience and what you learned so far about MLS. Practice how to analyze parts and their functions as the basis for a functionally design. Discuss pros and cons of different design solutions. We will show you hands on solutions how to integrate functions in an MLS appropriate way.


    Our offer

    You will probably have questions and new ideas after you finished the course. We offer you to talk and discuss with one of our design experts in a video call for up to one hour. Just contact the address given at the end of the course and make an appointment. We are happy to answer your questions.


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