EOSPRINT 2 (P 500) Introduction

Understand the data preparation process 

Understanding the data preparation process will enable you to optimize job preparation and reduce failed builds, contributing to build success and positioning you as an expert within your team. This 3D printing online class will deliver a comprehensive overview of the data preparation process and its importance within the 3D printing process chain. 

Learn how to use EOSPRINT 2

EOSPRINT 2 is a flexible and intuitive software used in the data preparation process. Become proficient in its interface and controls and develop vital technical skills to advance your career in additive manufacturing. 

This additive manufacturing course will provide knowledge to explore different settings to prevent visible edges in overlap areas. You will learn how to use EOSPRINT 2.10 main functions.

Practical hands-on experience 

Practice your knowledge of EOSPRINT 2 with hands-on learning. This 3D printing module is a mix of theory and practical learning, encouraging you to test out your knowledge while using the EOSPRINT 2 software interface. 

After completion of this additive manufacturing online class, you will feel confident operating EOSPRINT 2 and be ready to apply your new knowledge to real additive manufacturing builds.  

You will demonstrate your ability to prepare jobs in the software and will prove to be a vital asset to your company and further your career within the technology.

  • EOSPRINT 2.10
  • EOSPRINT 2 License Key

Module Highlights

Part of the Learning Path Data Specialist

Additive manufacturing is a competitive field and a knowledge of EOS specific software is a clear advantage for professionals in the industry.  This is the first EOS P 500 online training for job preparation with EOSPRINT. 

This additive manufacturing module will teach you how to run all workflow steps in EOSPRINT 2. You will get used to EOS P 500 specific overlap areas.

Online & self study: 1 h

EOS Certificate

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