Additive Manufacturing Starter Kit

Additive manufacturing is gaining traction in nearly every industry. In fact, recent research from PwC concludes that roughly two thirds of surveyed U.S. manufacturers are already using 3D printing.* But with any fundamental shift in technology, there are likely to be challenges, and lack of talent and expertise is one of the barriers they most commonly cited.  


EOS developed its Additive Manufacturing Starter Kit to help companies get better and faster results with their 3D printing initiatives. The content is specifically designed to help product managers, engineers and others learn how to leverage the benefits of additive manufacturing. While it focuses on helping them identify and validate the most promising applications, the kit also provides tools and insight that can help companies rethink and improve their supply chains while building a long-term competitive advantage.  


What’s included in the Additive Manufacturing Starter Kit? 


Module 1: Innovation with 3D Printing

  • Learn the key benefits of AM
  • See how AM helps companies create new business models
  • Read and review discussion of best-in-class industry case studies


Module 2: Part Screening and Selection

  • Understand why choosing the RIGHT applications is key
  • Explore tactics that help reduce the time it takes to validate AM projects
  • Examine key drivers that reduce cost per part for potential applications


Module 3: Business Case Analysis

  • Identify quantitative and qualitative aspects that can impact AM use cases
  • Understand the impact of key cost levers
  • Discover best practices that can reduce overall cost per part


* PwC, 3D Printing Comes of Age in Industrial Manufacturing,

Module Highlights

  • Innovation with 3D-Printing
  • Part Screening and Selection
  • Business Case Analysis
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