Support-free Additive Manufacturing Metal

Dive into the innovative world of support-free additive manufacturing and learn how to design parts that require little to zero support structures.

Online & self study: 3 hours
EOS Certificate

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This 3D printing module will provide a comprehensive overview of support-free additive manufacturing for metal, providing you with specialist knowledge to reduce costs, save time and drive innovation across the process chain.

Understand support strategies and manage them right the first time

  • Understand the physics behind supports and how you can avoid supports
  • Obtain a toolbox of methods to avoid supports for many different geometries
  • Understand the possibilities and limitations of support-free building

    • Understand the role of support structures
    • Traditionally, direct metal laser sintering (DMLS) requires support structures to protect the part from defects and overheating during the build process. These supports are part of the design and manufactured as a whole. After building, the support structures are removed and thrown away.
      However, at EOS, we have developed a variety of high-tech ways to produce 3D printed parts without support structures.
      In this additive manufacturing online class, you will gain a deeper understanding in the role of support structures and the physics behind their design, what benefits they have provided until now, and how to begin eliminating them without compromising the success of the finished part.

    • Discover the benefits of support-free builds
    • Support-free additive manufacturing saves a large amount of time in the post-processing stage as there are no additional supports to remove. In the case of manual removal, this also frees up the employee to apply their time and energy elsewhere.
      Manufacturing parts without support structures also reduces the amount of materials wasted, since nothing is thrown away and every aspect of the design is necessary.
      However, this isn't a straightforward process, and for years our experts have worked on the challenge of support-free designs.
      In this additive manufacturing course, you will learn about the benefits and challenges of support-free designs, and discover EOS' portfolio of methods that create defect-free parts from a variety of different DMLS materials.

    • Explore innovative support-free methodologies
    • Eliminating or minimizing the use of supports is a popular topic within the DMLS additive manufacturing world right now and the benefits are many.
      Learn about the possibilities, limitations and advantages of support-free additive manufacturing and begin saving time, materials and money for your company.
      In this 3D printing module, you will explore EOS' own support free processes and proven methodologies, learning which method works best for which type of part, and when you can avoid supports in your design altogether.
      You will also begin the process of designing your own support-free parts and gain vital practical experience that will help to give you confidence and progress your career in additive manufacturing.

    If you want to make use of the DoE build files you'll need:

  • EOSPRINT 2.x
  • Materialise Magics 24 or newer Version
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