ASTM Machine Operator Certification for EOS M 290

Certification of Operators that run EOS M290
Certification based on ISO/ASTM 52942:2020

- Reduce your employee on-boarding time
- Generate high quality build jobs
- Master AM data preparation and quality software
- Understand quality measurements for AM

Online theoretical and on-machine practical assessment
1 day (~2 hour on machine practical assessment)
ASTM Qualified PBF-LB Machine Operator Certificate

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With Additive Manufacturing (AM) – scaling from prototyping to production of critical components – the need to verify the competency of machine operators is increasing. In response to the demand for a standardized approach to qualifying operators, ASTM International has developed a certification program that applies to personnel operating Powder Bed Fusion - Laser Beam (PBF-LB) systems. 

As the leading metal AM technology provider with the largest machine install base, EOS has partnered with ASTM to launch this new program with initial application on the EOS M 290 platform. Upon successful completion of this program, operators will be certified in compliance with the safety and quality operating requirements in  ‘ISO/ASTM 52942:2020 Additive manufacturing — Qualification principles — Qualifying machine operators of laser metal powder bed fusion machines and equipment used in aerospace applications’.

In this program, we provide 6 different material groups for certification. The certification includes one material group without additional cost. Each additional material group is charged for $250. You may choose up to 4 material groups for this certification.

Material group A

unalloyed steels, low-alloyed steels, high-alloyed ferritic steels.

Material group B

austenitic, martensitic and precipitation hardening steels.

Material group C

titanium and titanium alloys, niobium, zirconium and other reactive metals

Material group D

aluminium and magnesium alloys.

Material group E

materials that do not conform to other material groups (e.g. molybdenum, tungsten, copper alloys, titanium aluminide).

Material group F

nickel alloys, cobalt alloys.


Candidates for this certification program are required to have operating experience on an EOS M 290 System. A minimum of six builds are required prior to this certification program. 

The ASTM certification is valid for 2 years. In order to maintain certification throughout the 2 year period, operators are required to operate a machine on a regular basis (at least once every 6 months).

Candidates are required to provide evidence of visual acuity from a medical practitioner upon request with the following requirements: 

  • Near vision acuity (to be tested every two years)
  • Color perception (to be tested every six years)

ASTM PBF-LB Machine Operator Certification is based on the ISO/ASTM 52942:2020 standard

Content of Theoretical Assessment:

  • Safety
  • Equipment and processes
  • Material handling 

Content of Practical Assessment

  • Setup of Powder Bed Fusion - Laser Beam (PBF-LB) systems
  • Monitoring and managing of the manufacturing process
  • Preparing PBF-LB parts for post-processing
  • Operator maintenance of PBF-LB systems
  • Advanced skills, if performed by the machine operator

For more information on the assessment topics, refer ISO/ASTM 52942-2020 standard.

  • Additive Minds Academy Center at Novi, MI*
  • Your preferred location & Date for min 3 and max 4 participants. Email us at for more details. 

**Certification will be carried out with min 3 and max 4 participants per day**

**Additive Minds Academy Center address: 28970 Cabot Dr # 700, Novi, MI 48377, United States**

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