Certificate Program Overview

Earn a certificate for Process Science and Engineering Metal with this immersive program from Additive Minds Academy. Further your applications knowledge with advanced exposure topics!

Format: Self-paced online training

Time Commitment: 2-4 hours per week

Ideal Duration: 2-4 weeks

Language: English

Prerequisites: Knowledge of EOSPRINT2 software basics

Available: starting July 2024

Key Learning Methods:



Practical Tasks

Live Expert Session

Seat: 1 Seat
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The Process Science and Engineering certificate program for metal laser powder bed fusion (LPBF) offers a comprehensive learning experience, combining self-paced online courses with hands-on exercises and instructor-led training sessions. This program is designed to equip you with the knowledge and skills necessary to meet specific part properties and cost targets for your part design.

 Starting with the optimization of process parameters and exposure strategies, you will also delve into various post-processing methods, including heat treatment and surface finishing, which may be essential to fulfill part-specific requirements. You will gain an understanding of how these adjustments impact part properties and microstructure, and you will learn to analyze these effects effectively.

 Once your manufacturing process is defined, the program emphasizes the importance of achieving consistent and reproducible part properties. You will also explore the key process variables that the LPBF system controls to ensure a stable manufacturing process.

This program is launching in August 2024. Save your spot today to participate in the first cohort.

Program Benefits

  • Gain an in-depth understanding of the physics behind metal Laser Powder Bed Fusion (LPBF) and how part properties and microstructure are influenced.

  • Master the utilization of the EOSPRINT 2 Parameter Editor to adjust process parameters effectively.

  • Get a detailed overview of the application development process from process parameter optimization to selecting the right post-processing technology.

  • Identify the key process variables that are controlled by the EOS metal LPBF system to ensure consistent and reproducible results.

  • Engage directly with EOS engineers during insightful expert sessions.

  • Build a robust network within the additive manufacturing (AM) expert community.

  • Obtain a recognized certificate from the industry leader in AM. 

Learning Objectives

Upon completing this certificate program, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the physics behind the metal LPBF process and how it influences microstructure.

  • Know which laboratory methods to select to analyze these effects.

  • Change process parameters in EOSPRINT 2.

  • Apply parameter development knowledge to optimize processes to meet specific part requirements.

  • Create holistic strategies for manufacturing complex applications by applying their expertise in process development, material science, and post-processing techniques.

  • Identify the key process variables that are controlled by the EOS metal LPBF system to ensure consistent and reproducible results.

Course Breakdown

Your training is split into seven phases:

  • Introduction to the Program: Brief welcome and overview of the Process Science and Engineering Metal Certificate Program.
  • Program Objectives: High-level discussion on what students will learn throughout the program, including key skills and knowledge areas.
  • Overview of the process parameters available in EOSPRINT 2
  • Detailed explanation of different exposure strategies and optimization tools
  • Feedstock: Learn about metal powders for LPBF, different manufacturing methods and powder characteristics.
  • Laser Melting: Understand the physics behind the metal LPBF process and how microstructure as well as potential defects are created.
  • Heat Treatment: Get on overview of different heat treatment types and their effect on different materials.
  • Material Characterization: Learn about the different methods to analyze metal powder and metal AM parts. By knowing possibilities and limitations of each method, you will be empowered to select the define the right strategy for your requirements.
  • Understand the impact of changing parameters to impact outcomes of build quality, productivity, and cost-per-part.
  • Identify applications such as thin-walled structures or parts with shallow overhangs where process modifications can improve part performance.
  • Develop & execute design of experiments to address specific optimization goals.
  • Learn about different post-processing technologies and understand why part design is an important factor in choosing the right technology.
  • Acquire expert knowledge in following post-processing steps:
    • Depowdering
    • Support removal
    • Surface finishing
    • Hot Isostatic Pressing
  • Explore key process variables that the LPBF system controls to ensure a stable manufacturing process.
  • Discover which process variables are controlled by the machine and which data can be transferred into your manufacturing execution system for quality assurance.
  • Final Assessment:  Take the final exam to obtain your certificate and demonstrate your knowledge in the five technical modules of the Process Science and Engineering Certificate Program.
  • Expert Session:  Take advantage of a personal consultation with an Additive Minds expert to address all your remaining questions and conclude your development into a metal LPBF material and process subject matter expert.


This course is designed for process and applications engineers, material scientist and quality engineers that are working on metal laser powder bed fusion related programs.

The comprehensive focus of this course on all aspects related to the core of the metal laser powder bed fusion process make it stand head and shoulders above similar certification programs. The in-depth information about all steps of the AM process chain from process parameter development to post-processing will have a positive long-term impact on their understanding of the whole metal LPBF process.

No, all required software training licenses are provided. You’ll have 6 months of access to the EOSPRINT 2 parameter editor upon obtaining the license.

We recommend that learners who take this course have a technical background and (at least) moderate experience in additive manufacturing. Familiarity with EOSPRINT 2 basics for the Parameter Editor training is required.

The Process Science and Engineering for Metal AM Certificate Program typically spans to up to a 4-week duration. Upon finishing the online learning modules and final assessment, participants gain the opportunity to engage in an Expert session facilitated monthly by the Additive Minds Academy. In the event of missing the current session, participants have the option to join the subsequent one. Every certificate program encompasses a complementary Expert session, and learners enjoy 12 months of access to the online content learning platform.

You will be able to download your certification via the program portal after you successfully finish all modules and exams.

If you're interested in exploring options for in-process monitoring and automated process parameter control on a deeper level, we highly recommend taking our Monitoring and Smart Fusion Certificate program. Contact us at training@eos.info for more info.

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