Certificate Program Overview

Earn a certificate for Process Science and Engineering Polymer with this immersive program from Additive Minds Academy. Further your applications knowledge with advanced exposure topics! 

Format: Self-paced online training

Time Commitment: 2-4 hours per week

Ideal Duration: 2-4 weeks

Language: English

Prerequisites: Knowledge of EOSPRINT2 software basics

Available: starting July 2024

Key Learning Methods:



Practical Tasks

Live Expert Session

Seat: 1 Seat
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The Process Science and Engineering certificate program for polymer SLS offers a comprehensive learning experience, combining self-paced online courses with hands-on exercise and instructor led training sessions. This program is designed to equip you with the knowledge and skills necessary to meet specific part properties for your designs. 


You will first discover what makes up a process exposure and how to edit one to fulfill the requirements of your application. You will gain an understanding of all machine variables that impact the SLS process, and what common adjustments look like to meet specific needs. 


As you define your manufacturing process, you will analyze what variables contribute to reproducible part properties. How does one ensure stability within the many process variables and what is there to expect when we push the given limits? 


This program is launching in August 2024. Save your spot today to participate in the first cohort.

Program Benefits

  • Gain an in-depth understanding of the physics behind the polymer SLS process and how it influences part properties.

  • Master the utilization of the Exposure Editor to adjust process parameters effectively.

  • Apply EOSPRINT 2 Exposure Editing techniques to applications not easily produced with standard values. Two supplemental videos added for PSW users.

  • Learn how material types affect the printing process and exposure changes recommended for specialty material groups. 

Learning Objectives

Upon completing this certificate program, participants will be able to:

  • Utilize EOSPRINT 2 or PSW Exposure Library to create and modify new exposures.

  • Understand the key influencers to an Exposure.

  • Have a starting direction when optimizing your own applications.

Course Breakdown

Your training is split into four phases:

  • Introduction to the Program: Brief welcome and overview of the Process Science and Engineering Polymer Certificate Program.
  • Program Objectives: High-level discussion on what students will learn throughout the program, including key skills and knowledge areas.
  • Exposure editor structure: Learn about the components that make up all exposures and how to create new ones.
  • Polymer influences: Understand what variables are most important to the polymer printing process.
  • Exercises: Practice creating your own exposures for a variety of prompts.
  • Evaluate real applications:  Learn from various EOS polymer application engineers on the common paths to follow when troubleshooting difficult to print applications.
  • Deep dive into Exposure Types:  Each case study will focus in on optimizing a specific exposure type or utilizing a combination to achieve better part quality.
  • Develop your understanding of Energy Density: Follow along through small DOE’s to understand what parameters have the biggest impact on different types of applications and geometries.
  • Results: See how parameter changes influence quality of printed parts. Print them yourself with the given files to further your learning.

Final Assessment

  • Case Study:  Step into the shoes of an EOS applications engineer to optimize a part. Take what you’ve learned to create a small DOE that will achieve the parts’ requirements. What decisions will you make to get closer to the goal?
  • Discussion: Review your final assessment face to face with an applications engineer. Discuss your findings and receive feedback.
  • Conclusion:  Conclude your process training with a comprehensive overview, solidifying your understanding of the Exposure editor capabilities and preparing you to apply your new skills to achieve remarkable results in your additive manufacturing projects.


This course is designed for prospective polymer process and applications engineers looking to gain advanced AM expertise. This course is geared towards customers using updated polymer platforms that are compatible with EOSPRINT 2 (P 110 Velocis Updated, P 110 FDR, P 396 Next, and P 500 series). Although geared to EOSPrint, users of PSW may also benefit from this course with older machines (P 396, P 770, and P 810). Supplemental PSW training videos and exercises are incorporated.

The comprehensive focus of this course on a single intricate issue and the thorough involvement of EOS experts in its webinars and Q&A sessions make it stand head and shoulders above similar certification programs. Its dependence on the learner's interaction — i.e., "learning by doing" in the practice task modules — will also have a positive long-term impact on their data preparation skills.

No, the required software training license is provided. You’ll have 6 months of access to EOSPRINT 2, or PSW by request, upon obtaining the license. Please note that this course will focus on Exposure Editing within EOSPrint 2 as PSW is more limiting.

We recommend that learners who take this course have all the basic knowledge of polymer SLS. System operation of any polymer platform and data preparation knowledge using EOSPRINT 2 is preferred. Though not specifically required, it is also beneficial if learners have applications problems they are actively trying to solve.

This certificate program typically spans a 2-4 week duration. Upon finishing the online learning modules and final assessment, participants gain the opportunity to engage in an Expert session facilitated monthly by the Additive Minds Academy. In the event of missing the current session, participants have the option to join the subsequent one. Every certificate program encompasses a complementary Expert session, and learners enjoy 12 months of access to the online content learning platform.

You will be able to download your certification via the program portal after you successfully finish all modules and exams.

If you're interested in furthering your applications knowledge and continuing to optimize your 3D printed parts, we highly recommend taking our Design for Additive Manufacturing Polymer Course. Contact us at training@eos.info for more info.

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