AM Production Program

Partner with the Additive Minds team to set up a successful additive manufacturing production and/or scale existing AM facilities to improve scalability and efficiency.

Collaborative Consulting Project
Ideal project timeframe: 3-12 months

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Bringing Additive Manufacturing into production requires a cross functional team within a company to implement new procedures and knowledge.

Typical challenges include:

  • Factory Layout
  • Production simulation for resource and output planning, including OEE projections and measurement
  • Operational Qualification of AM process
  • Performance Qualification of AM applications and Statistical Process Control
  • Health and Safety

The Additive Minds AM Production Program aims for a successful production start and scalability. 

Our intensive program offers cross-functional training, consulting and co-engineering specific to your organization. Together, we plan your facility, qualify your production and transfer our experience of more than 30 years to your team.

Review the phases of the program below. Phases can also be performed independently

  • Phase 1 – Facility and Production assessment: Evaluate current facility and application for AM production
  • Phase 2 – AM Education: Initial knowledge transfer to cross-functional team.
  • Phase 3 – Factory planning Production Simulation: Simulate cost per part, utilization and annual output and pla your factory layout
  • Phase 4 – Validation: completed an Operational and/or Performance Qualification, including documentation and knowledge transfer
  • Phase 5 – Way Forward: Project report incl. plan for scalability and next steps

At the end our AM Production program, you will have:

  • Understood all processes required to enter the serial manufacturing of AM applications
  • Set up a qualified AM production line **
  • Defined a roadmap for optimizing your production line for future scalability and efficiency
  • This program was designed to optimize the costly up-front investments in time, talent, and technology that often prevent AM initiatives from getting off the ground. It’s time to accelerate your AM success.

    Our core principles for Additive Minds projects:

    • Long term success: We want you to be successful in the long run. This is why we want to not only develop a solution for you, but WITH you and enable your team to be self-sufficient.
    • Proven Methodologies: We’ve developed methodologies to rapidly screen parts, develop new design concepts and identify positive business cases. We will share all of our methodologies with you. That way, your AM journey does not end with our project.
    • Right people at the right time: We leverage our global team of more than 100 AM Consultants, Engineers and Instructors to make sure you have access to various experts within Additive Minds

    This program is designed to work with a cross functional team within an organization. We want to engage with:

    • Various Management levels, from C-Level to project managers
    • Production
    • R&D
    • Supply Chain and Procurement
    • Other stakeholders that are influenced by innovative manufacturing technologies

    Innovate beyond your existing boundaries with Additive Minds


    Individual consulting for your specific projects and use cases


    More than 100 experts worldwide and 7 global centers for technology and innovation

    Experience & Know-How

    1000 successful customer projects and counting


    Working together to transfer knowledge, accelerate development and find solutions

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