Responsible Manufacturing Program

Partner with the Additive Minds team to evaluate the sustainability potential of your AM parts and production.

Collaborative Consulting Project
Ideal project timeframe: 1-3 months

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Additive Manufacturing has long been assigned to the unique attributes of “design freedom”, “local manufacturing”, “lead time improvements” and others. These characteristics enabled the technology to influence major industries by improving existing products and creating radically new innovations. Today , additively manufactured parts can even be found on planet mars, enhancing the capabilities of the mars rover Perseverance.

But back on earth, in times of a climate crisis, we need to ask ourselves how AM can influence an even greater shift towards responsible manufacturing.

The Responsible Manufacturing Program enables you to assess how Additive Manufacturing can provide a unique approach to reducing carbon emissions by rethinking the way we design, manufacture and distribute goods.

Together, we will assess how the attributes of Additive Manufacturing,

  • Purpose-Driven Design
  • Customization
  • On-Demand and Decentralized Production​
  • Circularity, and
  • The Digital Value Chain

can support your shift towards a carbon neutral future.

Review the phases of the program below. Phases can also be performed independently

  • Phase 1 – Sustainability Awareness and Education: Develop an in-depth understanding of the impact of AM on carbon emission reductions
  • Phase 2 – Sustainability Application Assessment: 1 day workshop to identify applications and ideate concepts where AM could be a more sustainable manufacturing option
  • Phase 3 –Carbon Footprint Estimate: Calculate carbon emissions per part, identify emission hot spots and define a carbon shadow price
  • Phase 4 – Responsible Design Sprint: Improve Carbon Emissions through part or process design
  • Phase 5 – Life Cycle Assessment: Assessment of the footprint of an application along its life cycle, including the use phase. Extendable to a Certified production footprint comparison for AM and conventional manufacturing, audited by 3rd party
  • Phase 6 - Way Forward: Project report incl. gap analysis, implementation plan and next steps

At the end of our program, you will have:

  • Screened dozens of applications and identified the most suitable candidates for sustainable AM
  • Designed and developed an application for a minimum carbon footprint along the value chain
  • Estimated the carbon footprint of the additive manufacturing process
  • Completed a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) for one of your applications
  • Defined a roadmap for the successful implementation of sustainable AM
This program was designed to enter into a partnership to jointly evaluate and establish sustainable practices and applications by leveraging AM as a responsible manufacturing technology.

Our core principles for Additive Minds projects:

  • Long term success: We want you to be successful in the long run. This is why we want to not only develop a solution for you, but WITH you and enable your team to be self-sufficient.
  • Proven Methodologies: We’ve developed methodologies to rapidly screen parts, develop new design concepts and identify positive business cases. We will share all of our methodologies with you. That way, your AM journey does not end with our project.
  • Right people at the right time: We leverage our global team of more than 100 AM Consultants, Engineers and Instructors to make sure you have access to various experts within Additive Minds.

We work with various stakeholders within your organization, from Engineering, Production, Supply-Chain all the way to C-Level.

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