Getting started with Industrial 3D Printing

Gain fundamental knowledge of additive manufacturing (AM), including:
- Understand additive manufacturing (AM) technology
- Opportunities and limitations of AM technology
- Best-in-class case studies from a variety of industries
- How to get started with additive manufacturing

Online & self study: 1 hour
EOS Certificate

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Additive manufacturing (AM) and the industry is evolving very dynamically and is quickly advancing in many fields. There are many opportunities for the application of additive manufacturing technology. 

This additive manufacturing online class will demonstrate the key benefits of additive technologies and enable you to create your own AM incorporating strategy, helping you to lead the way in the exciting and unconventional world of 3D printing.


    Learning Objective

    Understand additive manufacturing (AM) technology

    Additive manufacturing courses tend to focus on the technicalities of the process only, and this is a good starting point. However, our comprehensive 3D printing course dive deeper than the basics, encouraging you to use this information to help your business take advantage of the broad possibilities of AM technology. 

    Become familiar with all 3D Printing technologies, systems, materials and parameters involved in additive manufacturing and learn how each part of the chain contributes to a successful end result.  

    After completion of this 3D printing course, you will understand the entire process of AM from design to finished part, and be able to confidently describe and use the right 3D Printing technology for your business. 

    Only once you know the current standards you can get started with additive manufacturing successfully and first time right.  


    Articulate the opportunities and limitations of additive manufacturing (AM) technology

    To identify new additive application areas or convert existing product designs into additive designs, an understanding of the full potential of additive manufacturing is needed. 
    This 3D printing course will teach you about the key benefits of additive manufacturing alongside a deeper exploration of the potential for AM technology in a wide range of industries. 

    Nowadays, 3D printing is becoming a vital technology in many fields. Delve into an analysis of the value chain and potential levers within additive manufacturing, and deepen your knowledge of the limitations and possibilities of the process, enabling you to create viable designs giving you the skills and knowledge to become a thought-leader within the field. 


    Determine next steps in incorporating additive manufacturing (AM) technology

    Learn to identify what constitutes a good business model by exploring a range of the best industry case studies. Select our job aid to explore Next Steps in incorporating additive manufacturing.

    You will develop an understanding of the new technological advancements and developments in serial production, and work towards applying your new knowledge in creating your own innovative business models, that can take you at the forefront of additive manufacturing.

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