Post Processing & Surface Finish - Metal

- How SOLUKON automates the de-powdering process
- Extrude Hone, support removal where it seemed to be impossible before
- Design guidelines for efficient post-processing

Online & self study: 4 hours
EOS Certificate

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In this module you learn different methods and technology to postprocess metal AM parts with a focus on surface finishing:

  • Receive training on post-processing surface finishes including powder removal
  • Gain an understanding of the importance of each method, their differences, and what makes a high-quality part finish
  • Learn how to vastly improve the value of a part by utilizing different surface processes, such as mechanical and chemical smoothing, or dyeing and joining
  • Learn the working principles of the DyeMansion Print-to-Product workflow such as coloring, powder removal and surface smoothing and therefore enable new applications.


Learning Goals

  • Ability to name and select different methods for surface finish for individual applications
  • Understand how to apply various approaches of powder removal, cutting of parts from the platform as well as support removal
  • Know important design aspects in regard to post-processing and how to apply them properly the first time

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